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Zirconium basic carbonate (ZBC)

A high purity intermediate used for the manufacture of reactive zirconium chemicals and catalyst grade products.
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Ammonium zirconium carbonate (AZC)

Used in inks paints and paper coatings.
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Zirconium Propionate

Adhesion promotor for solvent based inks.
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Pure zirconium oxides

Follow this link for our range of pure monoclinic ZrO2 products.
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Stabilised zirconium oxides

Follow this link for our range of stabilised products.
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Dental Zirconia Blanks

Dental ceramic blanks for all milling machines.
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Other zirconium products

Follow the links below for other zirconium products.
zirconium oxychloride
acid zirconium sulphate
zirconium acetate
zirconium nitrate

Harry Lamb

Harry Lamb Harry has worked in zirconium chemistry for over 35 years. The first thirty of these year were for MEL Chemicals Manchester England. Harry started life in the analytical laboratories. By the mid 1970's he was chief analyst and by the mid 1980's he was Quality Assurance Manager. In the early 1990's he was responsible for a team improving the quality of MEL Zirconium Chemicals, resolving production problems and making product that met customer requirements. As Quality Assurance Manager Harry was responsible for getting MEL Chemicals ISO9002 approval and wrote all the operating instructions for the plant. In the mid 1990's Harry left MEL and became a consultant in zirconium chemistry specialising in working in China. He has worked at several Chinese plants supplying zirconium chemicals to the West. HiCharms products are from the best of those plants and the products have been made further improved by Harry's unrivalled technical knowledge of zirconium chemistry and zirconium chemicals production.

Please feel free to contact me directly using this link if you have any questions.Harry Lamb

Jane Zhao

Jane Zhao Jane is the director in charge of our Shanghai office. She is responsible for all our Chinese operations. She handles and organises delivery all our orders that are sourced from China. Jane has worked in the zirconium chemical industry for over six years and has excellent contacts with the industry. Jane is also managing director and owner of Mengyang Trade Ltd, a company selling dental zirconia.

Please feel free to contact me directly using this link if you have any questions.Jane Zhao