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Zirconium basic carbonate (ZBC)

A high purity intermediate used for the manufacture of reactive zirconium chemicals and catalyst grade products.
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Ammonium zirconium carbonate (AZC)

Used in inks paints and paper coatings.
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Zirconium Propionate

Adhesion promotor for solvent based inks.
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Pure zirconium oxides

Follow this link for our range of pure monoclinic ZrO2 products.
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Dental Zirconia Blanks

Dental ceramic blanks for all milling machines.
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Stabilised zirconium oxides

Follow this link for our range of stabilised products.
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Other zirconium products

Follow the links below for other zirconium products.
zirconium oxychloride
acid zirconium sulphate
zirconium acetate
zirconium nitrate

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Harry LambHiCharms is business centred on the experience and capability of its personnel.

We have a vast experience of the production of zirconium chemicals world wide and an equally extensive knowledge of the zirconium chemical industry in China.

By marrying these two areas together we can make high quality materials to your specific specifications at an advantageous price..

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